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The Best Ultrasonic Pest Repeller 2019: Keep Insects At The Bay

What Is a Pest Repeller And Where Is It Applied?

This is an electronic device that serves to make pests flee from your territory. The vast majority of gadgets are plug-in models (they are installed in rooms), though some models can work on your backyard, or be portable to ensure protection during outdoor activities. How does it work? Ultrasound attracts pests, later they find it annoying and irritating, which makes them leave the territory. In 3-4 weeks, such sound damages their nervous system.


Ultrasonic repellers emit low-frequency sound waves that only pests can hear (insects and rodents). Humans and house pets like cats and dogs cannot hear ultrasonic waves. Such device is totally harmless for them.


Electromagnetic models work in the same manner, though they are considered to be more advanced. An electromagnetic unit intensifies the signal, which ensures even better protection. Electromagnetic waves can go through obstacles like walls and furniture. Some rodents and pests are sensitive to the abnormal electromagnetic field, which may force them to leave your house.

Compare The Best Ultrasonic Pest Repellers




What does the kit include?

Which pests does it repel?

Distance of waves

How fast does it work?

Type of device

Light indicator

Safe for pets?

Purizzy Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

BUY NOW AMAZON6 repellers + 2 repelling braceletsInsects (bugs, spiders, mosquitoes) + rodentsUp to 1,600 sq feetResults are visible within 3-4 weeksUltrasonic + electromagneticYesYes

HomeSweety [2018 Upgraded] Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

BUY NOW AMAZON6 repellersInsects (bugs, spiders, mosquitoes) + rodentsUp to 1,200 sq feetResults are visible within 3-4 weeksUltrasonic



TooTa Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Plug in

BUY NOW AMAZON6 repellersInsects (bugs, spiders, mosquitoes) + rodents + raccoonsUp to 1,200 sq feetResults are visible within 2-4 weeksUltrasonicYesYes

PEST ASIDE Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

BUY NOW AMAZON5 repellers + 1 free unitInsects (bugs, spiders, mosquitoes) + rodentsUp to 3,900 sq feet

Results are visible within 2 weeks


LUXVIOR Ultrasonic pest repeller

BUY NOW AMAZON1 repellerInsects, rodents, lizards, and many other pests890-1,200 sq feet (penetrates walls)Results are visible within 2-4 weeksUltrasonic + electromagneticYesYes

USCVIS Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, Electronic Pest Repellent

BUY NOW AMAZON4 repellersInsects (bugs, spiders, mosquitoes) + small rodentsUp to 1,900 sq feet

Results are visible within 3-4 weeks


Plus+ Ultrasonic Dog/Cat/Mosquito Repeller

BUY NOW AMAZON1 repeller  + barWild and domestic animals (cats, dogs, mice, boars, raccoons, etc)Up to 500 sq feet, detection range – 8-9 metersAnimals should be repelled immediatelyUltrasonic + infrared sensorYesYes

MOORAY Portable Ultrasonic Outdoor Mosquito Repellent

BUY NOW AMAZON1 portable repeller + USB cableInsects (bugs, spiders, mosquitoes) + small rodentsUp to 400 sq metersPests should be repelled immediatelyUltrasonicYesYes

GoXteam Ultrasonic Repeller Pest Control

BUY NOW AMAZON6 repellersInsects (bugs, spiders, mosquitoes) + small rodentsUp to 1,600 sq feet

Results are visible within 2-4 weeks


MaxMoxie Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

BUY NOW AMAZON2 repellersInsects (bugs, spiders, mosquitoes) + small rodentsUp to 1,2 00 sq feetResults are visible within 2-4 weeksUltrasonic (multiple frequency)YesYes

How To Select The Best Ultrasonic Pest Repeller?

In fact, there’s not so much you should consider as the vast majority of repellers work in the same manner. These three factors below are crucial.


Pretty often, vendor offer 2, 4, or 6-pack of repellers, which is way more cost-efficient than buying them separately. Ideally, you need to place 1-2 repeller in each room, so buying packs helps to save money. Don’t forget that the price depends on the quality of the device.

Coverage Area

Most often, one repeller covers the area of 1,200-1,600 square feet. Ultrasound waves do not penetrate walls and furniture, so one repeller protects a single room. Calculate the floor space of your house/apartments to make the right choice.


The vast majority of repellers are 100% safe for adults and kids, cats and dogs. Please, note that such pets as hamsters, mice and rats are susceptible to this sound. Do not use a repeller if you have one. Some repellers are created to prevent invasion of cats, dogs, squirrels, and other larger animals. The sounds they emit can be heard by humans, so they should be installed far from the house.

How Did We Test And Choose Ultrasonic Pest Repellers?

In order to review ultrasonic pest repeller, we offer a device to people whose houses are infested. Later on, they report on the effects and their overall impression. We read numerous feedbacks to write the best ultrasonic pest repeller review that would be fair and useful.

The Best Ultrasonic Pest Repeller – Our choice

After thoroughly analyzing a wide range of ultrasonic pest repellers we have picked up the best variant with an optimal price/quality ratio. PEST ASIDE Ultrasonic Pest Repeller is a pack of 6 repellers for an average price! What makes it special is a large coverage area – up to 3,900 sq feet, so one pack is more than enough to protect the entire house against pests, even if it’s large. Besides, positive customer reviews prove that it truly does its work.

Read reviews of these top ten ultrasonic pest repeller models. It will help to decide which one suits your needs best.

Purizzy Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Purizzy Ultrasonic Pest Repeller – Mosquito Repeller Review


This portable ultrasonic pest repeller is equipped with both ultrasonic and electromagnetic modules. It ensures double protection against bugs and rodents. The device is totally safe for kids and pets: it does not emit any chemicals or odors being a small and quiet gadget. For it to work, you just need to plug it in and wait – it will emit waves to 1600 sq feet. Each plug comes with a gift: a kit of bug repellent bracelets.

According to the manufacturer, it takes four weeks to notice the first results. Here’s how it works:

  1. First two weeks are the ‘latent period’ when pests start noticing the waves and being irritated with them.
  2. The third week is the peak efficiency: pests start leaving your house.
  3. Later on, Purizzy plug in ultrasonic pest repeller just keeps the bugs and rodents at the bay.

Our opinion:

Non-expensive and efficient solution for defending the entire house. Has an optimal price/quality ratio.


  • it is a safe and non-expensive solution – one kit is enough to protect the entire house.


  • It works on rodents and insects only. Purizzy does NOT repel raccoons and medium-size animals.
HomeSweety Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

HomeSweety [2018 Upgraded] Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Review


Cheap and simple, HomeSweety is a popular Amazon ultrasonic pest repeller. It emits low-frequency sound waves of 22-65 kHz. Its protection range extends at 120-150 sq meters (1200 sq feet). This model is suitable for getting rid of small rodents like mice and rats, and spiders, mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, and other pesky bugs. The effect is visible within 3-4 weeks depending on the severity of infestation. To boost the effectiveness of ultrasonic pest repeller, plug it in about 30 cm from the floor. According to the manufacturer, you need to place 1-2 repellers in each room to get rid of pests – the waves do not get through the walls.

Our opinion

Cheap, but less efficient than other repellers around. It’s suitable for small rooms.


  • It is totally safe for pets like cats and dogs.


  • Such kit is recommended for small apartments only.
  • Cheap, but not very efficient.
TooTa Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

TooTa Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Plugin Review


At the first glance, this product is the copy of the above-mentioned device. According to ultrasonic pest repeller reviews, it’s ultimately efficient. It can be installed outside to repel raccoons and large animals without affecting cats and dogs in any way. One pack includes 6 devices, which is agreeable for its cost. The units are recommended to be placed 20-30 cm above the floor to repel the crawling bugs and rodents.

Our opinion

Perfect for defending your house both indoors and outdoors – a 6-pack is more than enough for that.


  • If you don’t see any positive effect, the manufacturer will return the money.
  • Optimal price/quality ration. The model is simple and productive.


  • Each device can cover the area of up to 1,200 sq feet – not the largest coverage range.
PEST ASIDE Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

PEST ASIDE Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Review


This model can be called the best ultrasonic pest repeller 2018 – it protects your house against rodents and all insects without emitting noise. This is a 2-in-1 solution: Pest Aside serves as a blue LED night light. The item totally complies with ROHS standard: it’s an eco-friendly and pet safe solution. One unit features coverage of up to 3,900 sq feet! It’s a great solution for big houses. If you don’t like this device and it doesn’t help in 60 days, the manufacturer will return the money without questions.

Our opinion

A wide coverage area makes this solution exceptionally good for large houses. A high price is justified by the efficiency.


  • Coverage up to 3,900 sq feet.
  • Eco-friendly, safe for pets.


  • Relatively expensive.
LUXVIOR Ultrasonic pest repeller

LUXVIOR Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Review


Users have about this electromagnetic ultrasonic pest repeller. Emitting ultrasonic waves it repels small insects, rodents, moles, gophers, lizards, and many, many other pests.  The waves cover the area of 860-1290 sq. feet.

It goes without mentioning the stylish design of Luxvior and the inbuilt night light.  It is totally safe for pets and kids and can be plugged in sockets in any room. Please, note that although the manufacturer claims one unit can protect the entire house, practice shows that it may not be enough. Buying several units is not as cost-efficient, but the device will surely do its work.

Our opinion

A versatile solution against all small animals, but it’s quite costly.


  • The waves can penetrate walls, furniture, and other surfaces – a rare quality for ultrasound devices.
  • Stylish design.


  • One unit isn’t enough to defend the entire house, so you need several items.
USCVIS Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

USCVIS Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Review


If you own a big house, you need a device with a large spectrum of coverage. Then USCVIS should be considered first and foremost. It’s designed to repel both small insects (spiders, roaches, mosquitoes, ants) and rodents. According to the manufacturer, 4-6 units are enough to establish unbeatable protection of your house.

Note that it is safe for all pets except rats/mice/hamsters! The device should be installed at least 30 cm from obstacles like furniture and curtains. This top rated ultrasonic pest repeller truly deserves your attention!

Our opinion

Suitable for apartments or small houses: a 4-pack is relatively expensive though efficient.


  • There’s a 90-day warranty, and if you don’t notice any positive changes in 3 weeks, the producer will refund money.
  • Optimal price/quality ratio and a wide coverage.


  • More expensive than other kits.
APlus+ Ultrasonic Dog/Cat/Mosquito Repeller

APlus+ Outdoor Solar Powered Ultrasonic Dog/Cat/Mosquito Repeller Review


Want to make your house a secluded place free of all animals? Then you need an advanced solution, such as APlus +. This is an ultrasonic speaker that’s installed outdoors. The unit is installed on a bar which can be put in the earth and is equipped with a white LED, infrared sensor, and an ultrasonic speaker.

How to use ultrasonic pest repeller like this one? Just assemble the device and insert the bar into the ground on your backyard (make sure the device is 10-20 cm above the earth). Alternatively, you can hang the unit on the wall. As soon as the Passive Infrared sensor detects an animal, it will trigger the ultrasonic speaker. Cats, dogs, mice, birds, boars and other animals will be averted by the sound.

According to consumer reports ultrasonic pest repeller from APlus + is efficient, but there’s one problem with it. The angle of sensor coverage is 110° only. You need at least two devices to detect animals and protect your backyard.

Our opinion

If you’re ready to pay at least $50-100 to defend your outdoor territory, opt for this model.


  • No batteries required: it is equipped with a solar panel.
  • Very efficient against many wild animals, cats and dogs.


  • Several items are required for proper protection.
  • People can hear it, so it should be installed far from your house, not on the children playground.
MOORAY Portable Ultrasonic Mosquito Repellent

MOORAY Portable Ultrasonic Outdoor Mosquito Repellent Review


What is the best ultrasonic pest repeller for travelers? Mooray offers a fantastic option for those who like camping and picnics. Their portable ultrasonic repeller is compact and strong. It can be recharged via USB or solar panel and hung on your backpack with the help of a swiveling hook. This model is essential for outdoor activities. To top it off, Mooray can be used inside your house. The battery lasts for 48 hours and is equipped with a solar panel for fast recharge.

Mooray Repeller serves to keep insects and mice at the bay. Please note that it won’t repel bigger animals like squirrels, raccoons, etc. This item has the best ultrasonic pest repeller reviews: all re 5-star. Customers are ultimately happy with this device!

Our opinion

The best solution for camping and walking, but not suitable for protecting your house.


  • Charged from both USB and solar power.
  • The repeller is conveniently attached to clothes, backpack, etc.


  • Small coverage area.
GoXteam Ultrasonic Repeller

GoXteam Ultrasonic Repeller Pest Control Review


This model is equipped with an upgraded double chip. It ensures protection against insects and rodents. It is totally safe for your family members, including pets (except for mice and hamsters). One unit’s coverage area is up to 1,600 sq feet. 4-6 devices would be enough to protect the entire house. It is equipped with a night light and can be installed in any room of your house.

Our opinion

A great coverage area, optimal efficiency, but this model may be inefficient against certain types of pests.


  • Just like other classic repellers, this one gives effect in 3-4 weeks, or the manufacturer returns you money.
  • Optimal coverage area.


  • When it comes to electronic ultrasonic pest repeller reviews, they’re contradictory. Some claim that it does what is said on the label, others say it’s totally useless against spiders and mosquitoes.
MaxMoxie Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

MaxMoxie Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Humane Mice Control


The set from MaxMoxie is created to repel all kinds of pests, including mice and rats. It’s absolutely safe for pets and kids, and has an average coverage of 1,200 sq feet. The device is equipped with a night light, but is energy-efficient. According to the manufacturer, the repellers work about 5-6 years. This model appears to be more effective than its analogs due to the fact it emits sound of different frequencies.

Our opinion

It’s not the cheapest solution. While other devices sold in packages are worth $3 per unit, this model costs about $10 per unit. The coverage area isn’t the largest, so one package won’t be enough to protect the entire house. This solution would rather suit small apartments.


  • Multiple frequency.
  • 100% silent, lights are dim – it doesn’t disturb family members.


  • More expensive than other packages.
  • Relatively small coverage area.

Facts About Ultrasonic Pest Repellers

How pest repellers work

Here’s what you should know before you start using such device:

  1. Ultrasound waves emitted by repellers do not penetrate walls or furniture, so one unit protects one room.
  2. A repeller isn’t equally effective against all insects: ants and spiders can get used to the sound realizing it is harmless.
  3. As for rodents, their activity stops in about 6 days after repellers had been activated: it’s a highly efficient measure against rats and mice.
  4. Ultrasound is the sound frequencies beyond the upper limit of human hearing, that’s why we are not aware of waves emitted by repellers.
  5. Humans do not experience any ultrasonic pest repeller side effects because they simply cannot percept the sound.

Tips For Using An Ultrasonic Repeller

Some people doubt whether they want to use such device as an ultrasonic pest repeller – do they work after all? Yes, you can make pests leave your house, just follow these 7 recommendations:

  1. Mind the coverage. Buy as many repellers as rooms in your house – this is the golden rule for eliminating pesky bugs and rodents forever.
  2. Don’t use repeller in the room where you keep your rodent pets like hamsters or mice (lizards can be affected, too).
  3. Keep the repellers switched on all the time until you notice positive changes that come in a couple of weeks.
  4. As a rule, it takes a month for the infestation to be eliminated by a repeller, if it doesn’t work, the pests must have got used to the ultrasound. 
  5. If you see a light indicator blinking, there must be some problem with power supply or connection.
  6. If you have a severe infestation, prefer electromagnetic + ultrasound model – it will ensure maximum efficiency.
  7. Keep dusting the solar panel of an outdoor repeller, don’t use harsh chemical agents for cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ultrasonic Repellers

Still have questions? This ultrasonic pest repeller FAQ will provide you with all essential information about devices.

Q. Are Ultrasonic Pest Repellers Effective?

A.“Do ultrasonic pest repellers work?” – most people ask. When installed and used correctly, such devices can really make a night and day difference. Mind that the pests don’t usually leave instantly. The signal starts damaging pests’ nervous system gradually, so rodents and insects flee from the protected territory in 3-4 weeks.

Q. How Ultrasonic Pest Repellers Work?

A.They emit low-frequency ultrasound waves that can be heard by pests only (human ear does not percept the sound of this frequency range). This noise is annoying and alarming for pests: it damages their nervous system and makes them leave a house.

Q.Does ultrasonic pest control work on fleas?

A.Since fleas and bed bugs feed on live creatures, they can still be attracted by the host’s blood: a  repeller will work better if you combine it with other ways of pest extermination.

Q.Are UPR’s Safe To Use Around Kids, Pets? 

A.Most models are 100% safe for houses with pets and kids, though some devices repel dogs and cats – mind that if you have a pet.

Q.Are ultrasonic pest repellers safe? 

A.Yes, the ultrasound waves cannot be heard by humans and most pets, they cause neither irritation nor physical harm.

Q.How long does ultrasonic pest repeller last?

A.You can leave the device plugged in for as long as you need it – most manufacturers give 6-12 months warranty.

Q.What Types Of Pests Do UPR’s Repel?

A.Traditionally, they repel the vast majority of insects (flies, mosquitoes, spiders, bed bugs, etc), and rodents (rats and mice). Some models are designed to repel cats, dogs, birds, and all other animals.

Our Recommendations

We hope that each ultrasonic pest repeller review we’ve written will help you to make an informed decision. All in all, if you need an efficient device to protect your house, select PEST ASIDE model – a couple of devices will cover the entire territory, so one pack will be more than enough even for a large house. Average price of a 6-pack is about $30-40, and the above-mentioned kit falls into this price category. Mooray is a non-expensive portable repeller will be irreplaceable while you’re on the go, but it’s not cost-efficient for protection of the entire house.

As for Plus+ Ultrasonic Dog/Cat/Mosquito Repeller, it can be quite useful to keep your backyard clean from animals. However, you will need more than one unit, which can take a bite of your wallet. If you need the best budget pick, Home Sweety Ultrasound Pest Repeller is the best choice because it costs twice less than an average $30 repeller pack.

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