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The Best Gardening Shoes 2019: an Extra Reason to Love Gardening

Garden works are associated with many unpleasant things: dirt, mud, water, heat, and various thorns. To feel comfortable during work, one needs to wear the proper footwear. Although you can wear your worn-off trainers or old-fashioned wellingtons, after a couple of hours of intensive work, you’ll realize that this is not the best choice. So, what shoes to wear when gardening? Well, if you spend at least one hour per week in a garden pulling weeds, watering plants, or ploughing, it’s time to buy gardening shoes and do the same work more comfortably.

Table of Contents:

Gardening Shoes: What is it and Who Needs Them
Best Gardening Shoes: a Comparative Chart
Things to Consider When Choosing Gardening Shoes
How We Selected the Top Gardener Shoes
Top-7 Shoes for Gardening in 2018: Our Choice
1. The Original MuckBoots Daily Garden Shoe
2. Sloggers 5113BP08 Rain and Garden Shoe with All Day Comfort Insole, Black/White Polka Dot Print
3. NORTY - Womens Ankle Rain Boots - Ladies Waterproof Winter Spring Garden Boot
4. Anywear Exact Work Shoe
5. Crocs Unisex Specialist Clog
6. Natural Uniforms Ultralite Clog
7. Clogs Store Waterproof Rain and Garden Shoes
8. Crocs Women's Jaunt Shorty Boot
9. Evercreatures Women's Rain Boots UK Brand Original
10. Joules Women's Wellibob Rain Boots
Five Random Facts about Gardening Shoes
How to Care of Gardening Shoes: Buyer’s Guide
Frequently Asked Questions
Verdict and Recommendations

Gardening Shoes: What is it and Who Needs Them

As the name implies, these shoes are special shoes for gardening, working in a yard, and other types of outdoor works in the summertime. They are designed specially to protect our feet from soaking and overheating. They are comfortable to wear, lightweight, and inexpensive. The best gardening shoes must meet multiple requirements.

  • They are waterproof and provide good ventilation.
  • They are easy to put on and take off. You don’t want to waste time on lacing and fastening every time you go to a garden.
  • They are made of high-quality non-toxic materials.
  • They are cheap. After all, your tulips, spinach, and tomatoes don’t care how much your rubber gardening shoes are.
  • They are easy to clean. All you need is to rinse them in the water and let them dry. After hours of working in the garden, few people want to spend half an hour cleaning their boots.

These are general characteristics of all types of gardening shoes, boots, and high boots, though not all of them are equal. Nowadays, one can find a wide variety of cute gardening shoes on sale. Choosing the best one can grow into a real challenge if you don’t know what you need. Having analyzed hundreds of gardening shoes reviews, we’ve compiled our own ranking of top-ten footwear brands for gardeners in 2018.

Best Gardening Shoes: a Comparative Chart











MuckBoots Daily

BUY NOW AMAZONShoesSynthetic + fabricRubber, non-slippery, ribbedNon-removableComply with expectations++1 year, limited


BUY NOW AMAZONShoesNatural fully recyclable foamSemi-rigid, non-slippery, lug treadsAll-Day-Comfort removable insolesComply with expectations, full sizes only




BUY NOW AMAZONBootsRubberNon-slippery, lug treadsRemovable insoles for an improved arch supportRun large+30 days

Anywear Exact

BUY NOW AMAZONShoesSyntheticSynthetic, non-slippery

Cushioned, with ventilation holes

Comply with expectations++N/A

Crocs Unisex Specialist

BUY NOW AMAZONClogsEVA foamSynthetic, non-slipperyNo insoleComply with expectations+++N/A

Natural Uniforms

BUY NOW AMAZONClogsEVA foamSynthetic, non-slippery

No insole

Run large++N/A

Clogs Store

BUY NOW AMAZONShoesEVA foamSynthetic, non-slipperyNo insoleComply with expectations++N/A

Crocs Women’s Jaunt Shorty

BUY NOW AMAZONBootsEVA foamRubber, non-slipperyNo insoleComply with expectations+++33 lbs

Evercreatures Women’s Rain Boots

BUY NOW AMAZONBootsRubberRubber, non-slippery

No insole

Comply with expectations+++N/A

Joules Women’s Wellibob Rain Boot

BUY NOW AMAZONBootsRubberRubber, non-slipperyNo insoleComply with expectations+++N/A

Things to Consider When Choosing Gardening Shoes

Footwear for gardeners must be comfortable, lightweight, and inexpensive. It is easy to choose a pair of good gardening shoes if you know what to look for. There are some things to consider before making a purchase.


The inside of your footwear is as important as its outside – it warms you up in winter and cools down in summer. Depending on the season and climate conditions, choose a suitable type of lining. To protect from cold try such materials as wool, fur, or fleece. If you wear your clogs in the summertime, choose options with no lining or with the lining made of mesh fabric or natural cotton.

Water Resistance

Effective moisture protection is one of the main advantages of gardening footwear. If you want the ultimate protection from water, choose the boots made of water-resistant materials. Rubber, reinforced nylon, and innovative EVA foam are the best friends of gardeners, thanks to their 100% water-resistant properties.


No matter how long and how intensively you have to work in your garden, you want to feel comfortable. First and foremost, the shoes must ideally fit your foot size. By no means they should be tight – after a couple of hours of working, tight shoes will turn into Scotch boots. If you hesitate about the size, take a pair of shoes that are slightly larger than needed.
Another thing to consider is the sole. It should be thick enough to protect your feet from thorns and stones but not too rigid. Rubberized semi-flexible outsoles, absorbing midsoles, and soft breathable insoles are an ideal combination.


It is also important to choose the right level of foot protection. The maximum protection is provided by full-cover models; they are also a better option for cold and wet weather. When it comes to light garden shoes for summertime, there are two options: closed-toe and open-toe ones. Closed-toe shoes protect from sharp stones and thorns while providing certain ventilation. Open-toe options are best ventilated but least protective.


When choosing gardening shoes make sure they won’t require much care. The best footwear is the one of the “take off and forget” kind. Rubber and EVA materials need just occasional rinsing from a garden hose, no more. For additional convenience, one can take advantage of machine-washable reusable rain covers that are slipped over the footwear.

How We Selected the Top Gardener Shoes

To pick out the winners in the category of the best shoes for gardening and yard work we used a comprehensive approach. We’ve analyzed hundreds of customer reviews on Amazon and other major platforms. It helped us to determine the best-selling products and promising new offers. After that, we tested the chosen samples in the real-life conditions to assess their wearing comfort, durability, build quality, materials, and design. By the way, it turned out that some of the much-hyped brands are less brilliant than their cheaper counterparts. The result of our research is the list of top-seven models of best shoes to wear for gardening for men and women. Meet the winners!

Top-7 Shoes for Gardening in 2018: Our Choice

Here is our detailed review of the best shoes for gardening that were included in our final top-7 list. They all meet basic requirements to the quality, durability, comfort, water- and mud-resistance. All the models reviewed are currently available on Amazon, and most of them are awarded more than 4 stars.

The Original MuckBoots Daily Garden Shoe

The Original MuckBoots Daily Garden Shoe


Muckboots Daily are an excellent unisex option for all types of outdoor activities. They are great for both mild winter and rainy summer. The ribbed sole is sturdy and thick enough to protect your feet from thorns and stones and flexible enough to provide comfort during working and walking even on sloping surfaces.

What we think

If you are searching all-purpose waterproof gardening shoes, MuckBoots can be a pretty good option. They allow doing all kinds of yard works and lawn works in a rainy weather. Mind that they are not for a hot weather – there are no vent holes and the material is  non-breathable.


  • lightweight and waterproof;
  • natural-rubber surface;
  • anti-slippery ribbed soles;
  • pull tabs at heels;
  • semi-flexible soles;
  • comfortable and easy to on and off.


  • non-ventilated;
  • not for hot weather;
  • some customers complain about sole cracking, although such cases are rare.
Sloggers 5113BP08 Rain and Garden Shoe with All Day Comfort Insole

Sloggers 5113BP08 Rain and Garden Shoe with All Day Comfort Insole, Black/White Polka Dot Print


Each pair of these Sloggers combines a perfect functionality with cute polka dot design plus (other color variations are available). They are made of a fully recyclable material, which makes them an eco-friendly option. The surface is completely waterproof, and the semi-rigid sole with a heavy lug tread provides an anti-slippery effect in muddy and dirty conditions. The removable “All Day” insole ensures an ultimate comfort.

What we think

We truly love both design and constructions of Sloggers. It is exactly what your feet need in autumn, rainy summer, and even mild winter. Be careful when choosing the size – they are available in full sizes only.


  • comfortable, lightweight, and waterproof;
  • very easy to clean;
  • an insole is removable and can be washed separately;
  • fully recyclable materials;
  • nice design;
  • can be worn in a mild winter or rainy summer;
  • made in the US.


  • non-breathable material;
  • available only in full sizes.
NORTY Ladies Ankle Rain Boots - For Women - Waterproof Rainboot For Winter Spring and Garden

NORTY – Womens Ankle Rain Boots – Ladies Waterproof  Winter Spring Garden Boot


To ensure the ultimate protection from tough weather conditions you need to purchase gardening shoes that are comfortable to wear, mud-, water-, and snow-resistant, and cover your feet at least from soles to ankles. NORTY rain boots meet all these requirements. Thanks to the special design of their treads, they ensure the ideal traction irrespective of the type of road surface. You can use these rubber shoes for gardening for any other outdoor activities.

What we think

The rain boots are lightweight and comfortable but they tend to run large. On the other hands, you can wear them with warm socks in winter. Some buyers complain about sole cracking.


  • perfectly protect from mud, dirt, water, and snow;
  • clever tread design ensures ideal traction;
  • an ankle-high design allows hassle-free walking in the puddles;
  • ensure the comfort of all types of outdoor activities;
  • warm and soft inside.


  • they run large;
  • there are reports about sole cracking.
Anywear Exact Work Shoe

Anywear Exact Work Shoe


If you want to find the best cheap gardening shoes, try these Anywear clogs. They have a nice conventional design and protect your feet effectively from dirt, water and thorns. Cushioned insoles with ventilation holes provide an extra wearing comfort. The clogs themselves are very lightweight, so you don’t feel them if you have to work in the garden for hours, and their anti-slippery soles are great for walking and working in the muddy conditions.

What we think

The only small drawback of these wonderful clogs is squeaking, which must disappear over time. We love a wide selection of color solutions and soft removable insoles.


  • very comfortable and lightweight;
  • protect from mud, dirt, and water,
  • anti-slippery sole design;
  • removable ventilated insoles;
  • easy to wash.


  • fully synthetic materials;
  • they tend to squeak.
Crocs Unisex Specialist Clog

Crocs Unisex Specialist Clog


We just couldn’t ignore the famous Crocs that are mentioned in all best gardening shoes reviews. Their Specialist model is available in black, navy, and white colors. These are classic unisex Crocs made of croslite with an improved arch support and a massaging footbed. Crocs are extremely lightweight, easy to wash, comfortable, and, finally, they have an anti-bacterial effect. Yard works and outdoor walks in summer get much more comfortable with these clogs.

What we think

There are many reasons to fall in love with original Crocs footwear. These clogs lack vent holes but croslite is very comfortable to wear even if the weather is hot.


  • the patented croslite material;
  • anti-microbial and anti-bacterial effect;
  • the back-strip prevents a foots’ slipping out;
  • anti-slippery soles;
  • easy to clean.


  • The Specialist model is not ventilated;
  • non-resistant to higher temperatures.
Ultralite Clog

Natural Uniforms Ultralite Clog


This is one of the most affordable brands of EVA-foam gardening shoes Amazon offers. They are appreciated by casual gardeners who need lightweight water-resistant footwear every day. These ultra-light clogs are soft and comfortable. They feature anti-slippery non-marking soles with an improved arch support. The great thing about the clogs is that they are made of top-quality EVA foam with an anti-bacterial effect.

What we think

A great price/quality ratio! The clogs are well-made and really comfy to wear but they run a bit large. 


  • made of EVA foam;
  • lightweight and very comfortable;
  • affordable clogs that can be worn every day;
  • very easy to wash.


  • non-breathable, no ventilation holes;
  • they run large.
Clogs Store Waterproof Rain and Garden Shoes. Lawn Work and Rainy Walk

Clogs Store Waterproof Rain and Garden Shoes


An extremely light weight, innovative recyclable EVA foam, and neutral design make this Clogs Store option the best shoes for market gardening, working in the yard, and walking in a rainy and muddy weather. They reliably protect your feet from dirt, water, sand, and thorns. They are as light as air, so you can wear them all day long without getting tired. Needless to say they are 100% waterproof and anti-bacterial. Your feet remain dry and clean irrespective of the weather conditions and duration of your outdoor activities.

What we think

Cheap weather-resistant clogs that are must-haves for every gardener. We’ve found nothing to complain about, except for, may be, a bit too wide entrance. They don’t fit tight around ankles.


  • very easy to put and take off, comfortable to wear;
  • eco-friendly and fully recyclable EVA foam;
  • massaging footbed;
  • no smell after unboxing;
  • more affordable than many similar models.


  • they don’t fit tight against ankles;
  • non-resistant to higher temperatures.
Crocs Women's Jaunt Shorty Boot

Crocs Women’s Jaunt Shorty Boot


Jaunt Shorty boots are made of genuine croslite, which means they are extremely lightweight, waterproof and easy to wash. You can wear them all day long without feeling tired. With Crocs boots, you’ll forget about the problem of “heavy legs” after hours of working in the garden. Tough rubber outsoles protect feet from thorns, mud, and water.

What we think

 These boots have all the benefits of croslite footwear. They are comfy and lightweight. Pull circles from both sides make them easy to on and off. The only small complaint is that they are a sort of narrow around the ankles.


  • EVA foam of high quality;
  • as light as a feather;
  • durable and easy to maintain;
  • have an anti-bacterial effect;
  • convenient pull circles.


  • expensive;
  • a bit narrow openings.
Evercreatures Women's Rain Boots UK Brand Original

Evercreatures Women’s Rain Boots UK Brand Original


These high rain boots come in over 10 various colors. Bright, lightweight, and 100% waterproof – they are made to color grey rainy days and bring some comfort into your life. The boots are made of real rubber, which makes them fully water-repellent. A non-slippery outsole is perfect for working in mud and water, and soft cotton lining adds comfort.

What we think

This is not the cheapest option around but the boots are worthy of it. If you need the ultimate protection from mud and water, you must try them. We absolutely love adjustable side straps that add convenience.


  • 100% waterproof;
  • soft and comfortable inside;
  • can be worn with warm socks or insoles;
  • non-slippery rubber outsoles;
  • very durable;
  • easy to maintain.


  • a bit expensive;
  • rubber is heavier than EVA-foam.
Joules Women's Wellibob Rain Boot

Joules Women’s Wellibob Rain Boots


These 100% rubber boots are made to last. They are exceptionally well-made, durable, and provide the maximum comfort thanks to their waterproof outside and soft inside. A small (0.75 inches) heel and a thick anti-slippery outsole make the rain boots a perfect option for all types of garden works and long walks under tough weather conditions.

What we think

These stunning boots will make you love rain! We are absolutely charmed with both design and quality. With 13 unique color solutions available, you’ll find your favorite pair.


  • well-made and durable;
  • water-resistant;
  • 13 colors available;
  • all-rubber anti-slippery outsoles;
  • perfect for rainy weather.


  • a bit pricey;
  • heavy if compared to croslite options.

Five Random Facts about Gardening Shoes

Waterproof gardening shoes.</

  1. Gardeners’ footwear became the focus of designers’ interest after Crocs patented their clogs made of EVA foam in 2006.
  2. Modern crocs are inspired by ancient “clogs” (wooden boots a.k.a. sabot). The difference is in the materials used.
  3. If you use rubber boots during yard works, try to take them off every 2-3 hours and let your feet breathe. Rubber doesn’t let air in, and the feet may suffer.
  4. Crocs shoes and their analogs are not intended for permanent wearing by adults and children because they have no arch support.
  5. Modern gardener boots are more than just specialty footwear – some cute models are used with stylish accessories on thematic photo sessions.

How to Care of Gardening Shoes: Buyer’s Guide

No matter what kind of shoes for gardening you have, you don’t need to waste much time on their maintenance. One of the biggest advantages of this footwear is their ease of maintenance – there are just some simple rules to consider. Here are these easy-to-remember rules.

Wash under the Hose under Cold or Warm Water

They don’t require any special cleaning. Just rinse off your Target gardening shoes under your garden hose without soap or any chemical agents. After that, let them dry in a natural way in a well-ventilated room or just in an open air. If the footwear has removable insoles, remove them before washing.

Keep away from Heat Sources

It is true for all gardeners’ footwear, but the models made of EVA foam need a special care. This material easily becomes deformed when heated, so don’t leave them under the direct sunlight. Never try to blow-dry them using a fan. Don’t use hot water to wash them. Finally, don’t wear your clogs in the sauna.

Don’t Wear in Cold and Frosty Weather

Some models of EVA-foam boots seem so warm and cozy that you can be tempted to wear them in winter with extra warm socks. Beware that this is not a good idea because they respond to the temperature changes. Under the influence of frost they can become rigid and fragile. Some boots can be worn in the mild winter weather (wet or melting snow). But as soon as it gets frosty, replace the boots with something else.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is It Okay to Wear Sandals While I Garden?

A: It’s OK but sandals are definitely not the best option available. They don’t protect your toes from thorns, stones, and mud, and they are commonly not waterproof. Special gardener slogs are a preferable option for hot sunny days. They protect toes, while vent holes let your feet breathe.

Q: How Can I Clean off My Crocs After I Finish in the Garden?

A: Ease of maintenance is one of the key advantages of Crocs shoes. They don’t require any special cleaning – just rinse them from a usual garden hose and let them dry in a natural way.

Q: Are There Cheaper Shoes Available That are Similar to Crocs?

A: Yes, there are some. Nowadays, various companies produce footwear from EVA foam. As a rule, this footwear is cheaper than the original Crocs and their overall quality is slightly lower.

Q: Can I Wear Gardening Shoes for Other Activities Too?

A: Yes, surely, you can. You may wear your slogs and rain boots shoes wherever you feel comfortable with it. Thus, croslite boots are a popular option for long walks in the country, especially in autumn and winter.

Q: How Often Will I Have to Replace My Gardening Shoes?

It depends on at least two variables: how intensively you use the footwear and how well-made they are. High-quality slogs will serve like any other high-quality casual footwear.

Verdict and Recommendations

With the right shoes gardening can become a real pleasure. The choice of the suitable footwear will depend on what works for shoes to wear while gardening you are engaged in. If you have to work in tough weather conditions, deal with mud and water, or walk in puddles, you should choose a pair of rubber boots. Good examples are NORTY Ankle Rain Boots or google for what brand is equal to Bogs gardening shoes.

For casual gardening in summer, clogs will do. These are classic Crocs or their cheaper analogs. Our pick is the Crocs Specialist model – lightweight, durable, and relatively inexpensive. An intermediate option is gardening shoes Target, MuckBoots, AnyWear Exact, or any similar brand. They are lightweight, comfortable, and provide a better protection than clogs. Most of them are unisex, but you can find men’s gardening shoes reviews and purely female designs too.

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